Information → Meaning → Action

We use machine intelligence to aggregate, personalise and visualise all the market knowledge that matters to you and your company, to help you be more productive, effective and innovative

Is it for you?

When market knowledge is critical:
For marketers, analysts, innovators, product people, account leads

What It Can Do For You

Stay on top of what matters to you

Answer complex questions in seconds

Deep dive in high-quality knowledge

Lead the company's knowledge agenda

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Product development: faster to market

Content marketing: signal from the noise

Account management: knowledge to engage

Knowledge leadership: powering your voice

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Your knowledge hub:
Aggregates from all the right sources

Your personal filter:
Only the content that is relevant to you

Your smart servant:
Machine intelligence at your service

Your amplifier:
Enable knowledge-driven conversations

Why Compass Insight?

It is automatically tailored to your unique needs: you lead, our machine intelligence is at your service
It serves hands-on users, for whom strategic knowledge is a top priority
It serves hands-off users, who just need to be on top of what matters to them
It provides you with the information you need, when you need it: nothing more, nothing less

Why now?

Threats and opportunities come from anywhere: new technologies, players, geographies
Framing the future in an innovative, actionable way is a defensible competitive advantage
Information overload is all too real: we created machine intelligence to cut through the noise
Discover now the new, smart way to stay ahead of the curve